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Michigan Supreme Court Update

By: Kopka Pinkus Dolin

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Kandil-Elsayed v F&E Oil, Inc. Pinsky v Kroger Co. of Michigan | Michigan Supreme Court | July 28, 2023

On July 28, 2023, the Michigan Supreme Court issued its opinion in the case of Kandil-Elsayed v F&E Oil, Inc. and Pinsky v Kroger Co. of Mich. The opinion is a significant decision certain to impact Michigan premises liability case law in Michigan and represents a marked departure from prior case law as it pertains to the open and obvious defense.  Our law firm has extensive experience in handling premises claims throughout the State of Michigan.  If you have a question regarding the legal effect of this decision and/or how the decision may affect any of your current claims or lawsuits, please contact our office.

By: Chrisdon F. Rossi

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