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Bad Faith

Our firm represents insurance companies, agents, and third-party administrators facing bad faith and breach of contract claims. Our team is extremely versed in insurance coverage matters and when clients are faced with good faith coverage disputes with insureds or find themselves on the receiving end of bad faith allegations, we will engage in strategic risk management from the onset.

We have worked with insurance carriers throughout the Midwest defending claims arising from claim denial, contract interpretation, evaluations, premium payments, reporting, and a wide variety of other areas.

A bad faith claim may allege that the insurer unreasonably delayed an investigation, mislead policyholders, among other claims, and we also actively counsel our clients to prevent future bad faith claims. We also work with our clients through settlement negotiations and mediation to resolve the matter without trial. Rest assured, if the matter goes to trial, our skilled litigators serve as zealous advocates both inside and outside the courtroom.

Our cost-effective and practical solutions will help obtain positive outcomes as quickly as possible. With an in-depth knowledge of insurance law, our firm is well-positioned to ascertain the value of a claim, determine whether litigation or settlement is prudent, and advise appropriately. We work efficiently with your team to keep legal spend low while keeping your business and legal interests in mind.