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Robert S. Abramson handles a variety of insurance defense matters, including personal injury, Michigan No-Fault, catastrophic claims, automobile liability, premises liability, property/casualty examinations under oath, environmental coverage matters, as well as dram shop actions. He handles EUOs for multiple insurance carriers, regularly speaks at national conferences, and to numerous insurance companies across the country on insurance fraud.

Before becoming a lawyer, Bob was an award-winning sports reporter for USA Today, Gannett News Service, the Ann Arbor News and the Wolverine Magazine. He co-authored a book on Michigan football’s 1997 national championship run which sold 15,000 copies.

Representative Clients:

  • AIG Insurance
  • Allied World Insurance
  • Esurance/Allstate
  • Farm Bureau Insurance
  • Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance
  • National General Insurance
  • Progressive Insurance
  • CLM
Presentations and Publications
  • “Identifying and Addressing Fraud in Long-Term Claims,” MCCA Claims Seminar (October 2019)
  • “EUOs: The Earlier, The Better,” IAM Conference (September 2019)
  • “Enforcing Bahri Policy Language to the Judge and/or Jury,” IAM Conference (September 2018)
  • “Unveiling Fraud in the Application for Insurance,” CLM National Conference (March 2018)
  • “Automobile Claim Handling/Premises Liability,” AIG (March 2018)
  • “Unveiling Fraud in the Application,” IAM Conference (September 2017)
  • “How 3D Imaging is Transforming the Litigation Landscape-and How Your Company Can Benefit,” CLM Workers’ Compensation Conference (May 2017)
  • “In Plain Sight: How 3D Imaging is Stemming the Growth of Medical Fraud and Exaggerated Injuries,” CLM Magazine (April 2017)
  • “The Anatomy of a Plaintiff’s Attorney & How 3D Imaging is Transforming the Litigation Landscape,” CLM National Conference (March 2017)
  • “Investigating Fraud in PIP and BI Cases in the Presuit Stage” IAM Conference (September 2016)
  • “Stemming the Rising Epidemic of Insurance Fraud,” CLM National Conference (April 2016)
  • “Fraud Squad. The Acute Investigation is Crucial to Destroying Hit-and-Run Auto Accident Claims,” Claims Management Magazine (April 2016)
  • “Anti-Fraud Training Seminar,” Frankenmuth Insurance (January 2016)
  • “Revolutions in Auto Claims,” ACE Tech East Conference (November 2015)
  • “Picking Apart Attendant Care Claims with Surgical Precision,” Insurance Institute of Michigan Conference (September 2015)
  • “Picking Apart Attendant Care Claims with Surgical Precision,” Michigan Assigned Claims Plan (June 2015)
  • “Avoiding and Defending Bad Faith,” CLM Live Standards Training Program (June 2015)
  • “Defending Premises Liability Claims from the Worst Winter (2013-2014) in Michigan History,” Allied World/Broadspire (May 2015)
  • “Picking Apart Attendant Care Claims with Surgical Precision,” Michigan Chapter of IASIU (April 2015)
  • “Attendant Care Fraud,” Insurance Institute of Michigan Conference (September 2014)
Trial and Case Highlights:
  • In December 2019, Bob won a Court of Appeals argument for his client. The Court upheld the decision to dismiss $900,000 in PIP benefits.
  • In May 2018, Bob won two Bahri motions. In the first case, the Plaintiff claimed a quarter million dollars in PIP benefits. On top of that, the Judge awarded him attorney fees. Bob then won another Bahri motion in a second case, disposing of $826,000 in PIP claims.
  • In April 2018, he won a bodily injury threshold motion, after unveiling that the Plaintiff was cleaning four office buildings by herself and went to Cedar Point amusement park.
  • In April 2018, he won a Bahri motion after exposing fraud in the wage loss and attendant care claims. Prior to the motion, he offered $5,000 to a medical provider who had their own separate lawsuit with bills of $137,000. Once the motion was granted, the offer was pulled, and the medical provider agreed to dismiss the case.
  • In December 2017, he won another Bahri motion, after proving fraud was committed in the attendant care and household services claims.
  • In October 2016, Bob Abramson and Mark Dolin tried a premises liability death case, where Plaintiff was asking in excess of $20 million dollars. The Plaintiffs settled their case for a considerably reduced value after opening argument and one witness took the stand.
  • In June 2016, Bob Abramson and Mark Dolin received a no-cause of action in Wayne County Circuit Court. The Plaintiff sought $101,000 in PIP medical benefits. Bob unveiled that the Plaintiff attempted to ask her own doctor to change her medical record to reflect that she fell from a van in order to obtain no-fault benefits.
  • Received a $1 case evaluation award in a PIP case where the Plaintiff underwent surgery. Bob unveiled that the Plaintiff failed to disclose numerous prior medical treaters, which undermined his entire claim.
  • Argued a winning motion for summary disposition in a multi-party premises liability death case in Livingston County Circuit Court. One Plaintiff died, and the other Plaintiff suffered burns on 25 percent of his body following a house fire in a property rented out by a Farm Bureau insured. The fire incident report indicated there were no smoke detectors. The demand was $1,000,000. However, Bob successfully convinced the court that the insured did not owe any statutory duty to the plaintiffs due to the fact they were not on the contractual lease, and there was no duty to warn of hidden dangers, since numerous affidavits confirmed that smoke detectors were present in the home when the contractual tenant first moved into the property.