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10.31.2017 Michigan Supreme Court Clarifies No-Fault Act’s Notice Requirement
10.31.2017 Court of Appeals Imposes Strict Penalty for Misrepresentations Made in Support of Assigned No-Fault Claim
09.12.2017 Michigan Court of Appeals Applies Covenant Retroactively in Published Opinion
08.22.2017 Should You Consider a Nurse Practitioner as an Expert?
06.7.2017 Providers Do Not Have a Direct Cause of Action Under the No-Fault Act in Long-Awaited Covenant Decision
03.7.2017 Indiana Supreme Court Rejects Claim for Sports Injury
10.13.2016 Law as a Tool to Influence Society
10.6.2016 Illinois Supreme Court Strikes Down Six-Person Jury Law as Unconstitutional
09.12.2016 My First Trial
05.15.2016 Constructive Notice: The Indiana Secretary of State as Your Agent for Service of Process
05.01.2016 Relief for No-Fault Insurers When a Claimant Refuses to Attend an Independent Medical Examination per MCL 500.3151
04.01.2016 Indiana Federal Court Rejects Insurers Contractual Right to Select Defense Counsel
02.15.2016 Covenant Case Shakes Up Michigan No-Fault World
12.8.2015 Gratitude for Our Shared American Heritage
10.13.2015 Michigan Workers’ Compensation Benefits Denied to Employee Driving to Work in a Loaned Company Vehicle
10.01.2015 “Where Does This Tort End?” Drawing the Line on Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress Claims in Indiana
06.15.2015 How Our Company Culture of Mutual Respect Rewards in Many Ways
05.15.2015 Michigan Workers’ Compensation Board of Magistrates Implements Scheduling Order Effective January 2015
05.15.2015 A Groundbreaking Case:  Bahri v. IDS Property Casualty Insurance Company and its Impact on No-Fault Law in Michigan