Our firm is a recognized leader in the formulation of creative and mutually beneficial alternative billing arrangements. Several of our clients have enjoyed the benefits of having employed an alternative fee arrangement to reduce their overall litigation costs. Such alternatives include incentive based fees, bonuses for goals reached, flat fees for certain tasks, retainer agreements, budgets and incentive based programs. Naturally, any alternative fee arrangement must meet the financial goals of the insurance company, the legal needs of the insured and the financial requirements of the law firm.

Too often, other law firms entice insurance companies with low flat fee arrangements, only to place their youngest, least experienced attorneys on the account with instructions to put as little work into each file as possible. The result is higher volume of open files because little or no work is done, reactive rather than pro-active defense, higher indemnity payments because plaintiffs’ counsel are aware of the poor defense and inevitable conflicts between the insurer and the defense firm. We utilize our most experienced attorneys, skilled at developing creative strategies to achieve early, favorable resolutions of cases. We have extensive experience in the development of innovative alternative fees with insurance carriers and self-insured coporations. We work closely with our clients to develop appropriate programs to reduce overall litigation expense without compromising the quality of our service or the superb relationship we develop.