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Railroads, Warehouse, and Freight Broker Liability

Railroads can face a number of suits including bodily injury and property damage, cargo issues including damaged or lost cargo, as well as cleanup after spills. Railroads also face employee suits filed under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) ranging from traumatic injuries, occupational diseases, and more. Our attorneys are thorough during investigations and work closely with our clients to formulate a strong defense strategy to protect the reputation of the railroad and keep legal costs down.

Warehouse operators face risks like theft, floods, fires, and other damages to goods stored within a warehouse; other considerations during a catastrophic event or loss are containing a property and disposal of damaged goods onsite. Should there be physical damage or loss at a warehouse property, our team will work with the operator as well as the insurance professionals and experts as needed, to ensure the best possible defense from investigation and mediation, to trial.

Freight brokers are exposed many legal complexities specifically for cargo liability, but also must consider laws and regulations surrounding movement of freight, hazards, negligence or omission of a motor carrier or its driver, and catastrophic trucking accidents. Our firm has a strong presence throughout the Midwest and a proven track record defending clients against a variety of complex claims in the transportation industry. KPD also offers, to our transportation clients, a rapid response deployment to the scene of an accident. An attorney on the scene is invaluable to not only collect evidence immediately, but to represent our clients.