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Municipal Representation and Counsel

Kopka Pinkus Dolin has extensive knowledge of municipal governments and represents government agencies, their departments, officers, and employees throughout the Midwest. On top of providing municipal liability defense, our offices also help governments, and their agencies, meet goals as well as enforce, create, and interpret the bylaws and ordinances that regulate them.

We actively counsel and provide legal assistance on various matters including code enforcement, contracts, drafting and interpreting legislation, zoning, land development, and much more. A city or town uses taxpayer dollars and our firm, and team of municipal law attorneys, make sure officers are compliant and remain transparent.

Our lawyers are readily available for counsel and meetings to help officers and public officials navigate the intricacies of municipal law. We have the experience and knowledge to represent states, counties, cities, towns, commissions, and any other level of government. We can also aid private businesses when dealing with governmental entities. We are committed to provide the best possible representation to our clients through day to day operations, special meetings, public hearings, and other initiatives.