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KPD employs more than 100 trial attorneys and have a specialized group who serve as mediators. Our reputation in the courtroom and during dispute resolution is well respected throughout the Midwest. The mediation team aptly use their litigation skills and a mix of mediation strategies to provide superior value to our clients.

We aim to resolve standard and complex matters outside of the courtroom to keep legal spend low and close cases quickly when it meets the needs of our clients. We can also provide alternative billing options for this purpose. Our offices are also equipped to offer the technology needed to all parties during the proceedings.

Our attorneys have successfully meditated thousands of cases in a variety of matters including insurance claims, employment matters, commercial litigation, personal injury, premises liability, workers’ compensation, and much more. Our specialized team is highly skilled and will keep your interests in mind during each step of mediation proceedings including opening statements, joint discussion, private discussions, negotiation, and settlement.