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Dram Shop Litigation

A dram shop refers to any business that serves alcoholic beverages to the public. Dram shop laws are civil liability statutes that state that the person or persons who supplies alcohol to an individual who causes injury can be liable. Victims and their families of drunk driving accidents are able to hold bars and restaurants accountable for the death, injury, or other damages caused by an intoxicated customer.

Not all states have dram shop laws, and each state’s law differs, including the definition of “patron.” At KPD, our attorneys stay abreast of the complexities of each case and dram shop laws in our practice states. Many factors can contribute to a claim and a claim doesn’t always arise when an intoxicated person gets behind the wheel; dram shop liability can also apply to a minor who is illegally served alcohol, or an of-age individual who causes harm without the use of a car. Our experienced attorneys represent bars, taverns, restaurants, and their insurance carriers throughout the Midwest on dram shop liability.