We have a dedicated group of attorneys, specializing in the practice of workers’ compensation defense, vigorously protecting the rights of employers. Our workers’ compensation attorneys have substantial trial experience from administrative hearings through the state supreme courts. Our workers’ compensation team includes former workers’ compensation ombudsmen, judges and current arbitrators. They are committed to delivering the highest quality of legal representation for the employer, whether covered by insurance, self-administered or managed through a third-party administrator, while being mindful of the economic realities of workers’ compensation matters. We handle all forms of complex worker’s compensation claims including reflex sympathetic dystrophy, heart attack, stress, hearing loss, psychological and occupational disease claims. We also have experience with medicare set-asides and are at the forefront of the SCHIP Act. We utilize, wherever possible, innovative and cost-effective means of case resolution, including settlement packages, which can involve employee resignations, coupled with a full civil liability release.

We offer seminars free of charge to any company seeking information on any aspect of workers’ compensation. We work closely with employers and their representatives to counsel on loss prevention techniques and strategies for dealing with the difficult employee, among numerous other related topics.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Attorneys
Lynn M. Combs
Matthew G. Gorski

Indiana Workers’ Compensation Attorneys
Crown Point Office
Cameron L. Christoph
Jane R. Callies
Carol J. Sangster
Jaime R. Llorens

Indianapolis Office
Jennifer D. Meyer
Laura C. Hagenow
Sharon F. Murphy
Judy A. Pippin

Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Attorney
Thomas C. Donkin

Michigan Workers’ Compensation Attorneys
Jerry R. Newman
John W. Tomasik
Christopher J. Lenhardt