Our Toxic Tort and Environmental Litigation attorneys have been handling multi-jurisdictional toxic tort litigation for decades. We have considerable experience in cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, products liability, premises liability and environmental property damage. We have handled every aspect of these types of cases from pre-suit negotiation, discovery, trial and appeal. The toxic tort and environmental attorneys specialize in asbestos, silica and chemical litigation throughout Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. We represent manufacturers of industrial paints and solvents, pesticides, silica flour and asbestos-containing products. We represent landlords in lead poisoning cases and manufacturing of products, which incorporate or produce toxic agents.

We have successfully defended against “junk science” claims and we have experience defeating such theories by appropriate pre-trial motions. We also have experience defending novel theories of damages, including chemically induced AIDS, fear of contracting cancer in the future and recovery for medical monitoring. Our attorneys are members of numerous insurance company-approved panels for this area of litigation. We also represent litigants in cases arising out of environmental issues, including Superfund clean-up and litigation arising out of insurance coverage related to such matters.¬†
We act as monitoring counsel for insurance and self-insured companies in environmental litigation. Our goal is to provide the client with the best result possible on a cost-effective basis.