At Kopka Pinkus Dolin, we are very pleased to be your teammate in the control of legal costs. With a keen understanding that most cases settle, we proactively explore settlement on most cases, resulting in an overall average cycle time of 15.9 months for our civil litigation. We have tried to verdict more than 1,000 jury trials in the last 10 years, including all complexities of litigation in our five offices throughout Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

Our shareholders, who have purchased an equity interest in the firm, exemplify the highest caliber of expertise. Our Senior Level Attorneys, who are invoiced at the partner rate, all have been licensed to practice law for more than (10) years, and have an average of more than fifteen (15) years of trial and appellate experience in their fields of practice. Our Associate Attorneys are eminently qualified, and average more than 6.5 years of trial experience, many of them coming to our firm from careers as prosecutors. We assign cases to the appropriate level of attorney in consultation with your claim professional. We have a diverse group of professionals that reflect the diversity of our society. We are proud that 50% of our professionals are women and minorities. Our focus is client based, offering concierge service. We are always available for free legal questions, seminars and we strive to exceed your expectations.

Robert J Kopka Buffalo Grove, Chicago, Crown Point
Gene A. Pinkus Crown Point, Indianapolis
Mark L. Dolin Farmington Hills
Raed L. Abboo Farmington Hills
Robert S. Abramson Farmington Hills
Charles F. Albrecht Crown Point
Henry W. Austin, Jr. Chicago
Michael B. Barey Farmington Hills
Patrick A. Becht Crown Point
Jane R. Callies Crown Point
Cameron L. Christoph Crown Point
Lynn M. Combs Buffalo Grove
Steven M. Couch Farmington Hills
Peter A. Davenport Farmington Hills
Thomas S. Ehrhardt Crown Point
Andrew D. Ellbogen Chicago
Kori E. Flake Indianapolis
Cheryl L. Garcia Chicago
Dorit N. Gertsberg Farmington Hills
Gregory T. Glen Chicago
Lina Goro Farmington Hills
Matthew G. Gorski Chicago
Randall W. Graff Indianapolis
Joel D. Groenewold Chicago
Laura C. Hagenow Indianapolis
Jessica N. Hamilton Indianapolis
Robin E. Harrington Farmington Hills
Lizabeth R. Hopkins Crown Point
Matt J. Jankowski Indianapolis
Deborah A Kapitan Crown Point
Erin R. Katz Farmington Hills
Brian D. King Farmington Hills
Eric A. Laue Indianapolis
Christopher J. Lenhardt Farmington Hills
Jaime R. Llorens Crown Point
John A. MacKenzie Farmington Hills
James G. Magrames Crown Point
Danielle N. Malaty Chicago
Joseph R. May Crown Point
Sheri Bradtke McNeil Crown Point
Jennifer D. Meyer Indianapolis
James H. Milstone Indianapolis
Travis W. Montgomery Indianapolis
Sharon F. Murphy Indianapolis
Orfej P. Najdeski Indianapolis
Dominique N. Nelson Indianapolis
Jerry R. Newman Farmington Hills
Shane R. Nolan Farmington Hills
Jacklyn P. Paletta Farmington Hills
Timothy M. Palumbo Chicago
Judy A. Pippin Indianapolis
Kevin J. Plagens Farmington Hills
Leslie B. Pollie Indianapolis
Rana D. Razzaque Farmington Hills
Bridgett J. Repay Crown Point
Leslie C. Richter Farmington Hills
Brooke L. Riffell Crown Point
Jacqueline M. Satherlie Buffalo Grove
Aimee A. Schatz Crown Point
Brianne L. Scott Chicago
Shant R. Sagherian Farmington Hills
Carol J. Sangster Crown Point
Ryan J. Schoffelmeer Crown Point
Erik C. Stein Farmington Hills
Christine M. Sutton Farmington Hills
Joseph C. Svetanoff Crown Point
Angelo C. Testa Farmington Hills
Kimberly I. Thayer Farmington Hills
John W. Tomasik Farmington Hills
Minh C. Wai Crown Point
Tracey S. Wetzstein Crown Point
Jeff K. Williams Crown Point
Braeden R. Willoughby Farmington Hills
Donald A. Winningham Farmington Hills
Kimberly D. Roberts Chicago
Liz P. Raddatz Chicago
Deanna K. Chase Crown Point
Sarah M. Emery Crown Point
Debra M. Lange Crown Point
Lisa M. Schwer Crown Point
Beth A. Simmons Crown Point
Theresa J. Thompson Crown Point
Tonya D. Hebauf Indianapolis
Rachel D. Kirtley Indianapolis
Kate A. Marshall Indianapolis
Laurel A. Stewart Indianapolis
Sara E. Bowman Farmington Hills
Dianna S. Chambe Farmington Hills
Michelle R. Colburn Farmington Hills
Doreen R. Defauw Farmington Hills
Emily E. Dizik Farmington Hills
Harriet C. Duquette Farmington Hills
Cristen D. Fish Farmington Hills
Carla B. Force Farmington Hills
Jennifer A. Freeman Farmington Hills
Danya L. Houghton Farmington Hills
Rebecca S. Mrljak Farmington Hills
Sheila L. Turbett Farmington Hills
Danielle D. Williams Farmington Hills