We are a recognized leader in the development of litigation management programs. We have developed a variety of internal checks and balances to make certain that we are pro-actively moving litigated files to the earliest possible favorable resolution. We keep track of the average length of time and average cost for our attorneys to resolve litigated cases. We can identify averages by client, by case type, by jurisdiction and by attorney, among others. We use these statistics to measure our own performance against client expectations; but also to work with clients to develop creative ways to resolve open cases whether by motion, mediation or trial.

We like to meet with each client at least once per year, without charge, in order to review our audit results; but more importantly, to review the list of open files in order to agree upon game plans for the older, open cases and, when appropriate, to think of creative ways to obtain an early favorable result. Truly, creativity is the key to resolving a majority of our cases so early in the process. We like to utilize unusual methods such as pre-suit mediation, early non-binding arbitration, high-low agreements and informal discovery to move the parties to settlement. In workers’ compensation cases, we utilize innovative ideas such as how to get injured employees back to work.

We regularly deliver presentations for our clients, as well as for national conference organizers, on the topic of litigation management. Several of our attorneys are members of the Council on Litigation Management (CLM) and serve on various committees to help advocate the principles and practices of litigation management, including Robert Kopka, who serves on CLM’s National Committee.